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Salon Owner, Sue Kelpis

Master Stylist

Areas of Expertise: Color, Cuts & Styling

I have a range of clients from high school girls to people I’ve been doing the whole time I've been in business.

Basically my customers and I have become very good friends. Some I see every week, some I see every month, but I think it’s really important to take the time to meet new clients. I'm always really excited when a new client comes in. We pick-out a new style, a new color and do something for them that’s exciting for them and makes them feel really good about themselves. That’s the most wonderful thing about my business — it’s making them feel really good.

Sue’s First Salon Memory

My first salon memory was growing up in Texas. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to visit the hair salon. Our local salon was called Bonnie’s, and it always smelled like perm solution. I just thought it was awesome; I really loved it. I would leaf through the stylists' pictures and try to get my hair to look like that. At home, my mother would always let me play with her hair. She would shampoo it, and would let me play with it, and I loved to do it. I became more and more interested in hair.

541 Salon Today

We really have a good time, in-fact we have the best team that we've ever had. Everyone works really well together and are respectful to each other. We all have a real passion for the business.

People constantly walk-in off the street who can’t believe everything we have in the salon.

We'd love to see you today!

 Sue Kelpis, the proud owner of 541 Salon

Sue Kelpis, the proud owner of 541 Salon

Christina Bainbridge

 Christina Bainbridge

Christina Bainbridge

Hair Stylist

I grew up in Marion Indiana. I attended Beauty school in Kokomo at the Salon Professional Academy. I then worked in Kokomo for three years before making the big move to Indianapolis and 541 Salon.

I have received extensive training in product knowledge, color application, cutting techniques, and styling and finishing looks. I love that I get to play with hair all day long! And help my clients feel as beautiful on the outside as they feel inside. I look forward to bringing all of my knowledge into the salon, and continuing to build on that knowledge, soaking up every bit of new information I can! 

In my free time I love to read, write on my blog, watch movies, spend time with my huge family/friends, and spoil my cats, Delilah and Saphira. I enjoy fashion, drama television, and football season. I have been a swimmer for the majority of my life, and am trying to learn how to appreciate running, (haha). 

One of my favorite aspects of my job is that I’m constantly getting to meet and get to know many different people. I enjoy making connections with my clients and showing that— not only can they get the hair they want, but they will also have the relaxing, fun experience they crave. 

I am currently accepting new clients.
Call for your appointment today: 317-580-0541

Recent Work:

Melissa Kelpis Houser

Buyer, Store Manager & Interior Designer

We offer an extensive selection of gifts, home accessories for everyday and every holiday.

As a professional Interior Designer, I use my skill of color selection and space planning to merchandise the store with beautiful collections for the home that will satisfy a twist on trendy without compromising a sense of traditionalism.

541 has a wonderful selection of purses, costume jewelry, scarves and hair accessories. We keep a close watch on current designers and design trends, so you can count on us to help make you look like you are walking out of the latest pages of your favorite fashion mag.

Professional Services

  • Merchandising
  • Personal Shopping
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping {with $15+ purchase}
  • Interior Design Consulting


I have been a designer my whole life…

Even before I knew what a designer was, I built elaborate doll houses, rearranged my family’s house full of furniture and designed complete neighborhoods on paper.

From the simple lines of furniture, to the most detailed facades of buildings and dramatic outdoor landscapes, I love architecture. I've studied many of our historic American castles, and have a particular interest in the Vanderbilt family homes. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC and especially Belmont Avenue’s summer cottages have inspired me in many ways as a designer.

I graduated with honors with an Associates Degree in Interior Design and was married two weeks later to Alan, who is a talented Web Designer. Together we have renovated several homes, the latest of which is a converted barn in northern Hamilton County.

I have been a professional merchandiser and designer for twenty years and a professional buyer for the past nineteen years at 541.

I am blessed to work with my mom, who’s my inspiration and my best friend.

 Melissa Kelpis Houser

Melissa Kelpis Houser